Past Nursing Care 2023 Conference Report

We have successfully completed our initial series of the International Conference on Nursing Care and Patient Safety in Dubai - United Arab Emirates on May 25–26, 2023. The organized theme of the conference is Exploring advanced technology practices in nursing care and patient safety.

Nursing Care 2023 was a grand achievement where outstanding keynote, Panel speakers and posters from various companies, universities and hospitals addressed the gathering. Our Organizing Committee would like to thank the keynote speakers, plenary speakers, delegates and young researchers for making the sessions such a wonderful experience.

With a great success rate of Nursing Care 2023, we are stepping into our 2nd series of the conference entitled “2nd International Conference on Nursing Care and Patient Safety” (Hybrid) Scheduled on May 16-17, 2024 at Bangkok, Thailand with the theme “Analyzing the latest technologies and Research in nursing care and patient safety”.