Saed Al Nobani
Dr. Saed Al Nobani

Elyzee Hospital, UAE

It was great, innovative, organised and the people are so nice. The venue is great. Speakers are experts in their field. I really like it a lot. Invite me to the next one as well.

Nazri Nordin
Dr. Nazri Nordin

Clinical Consultant in Pharmacotherapeutic, Malaysia

It's a wonderful opportunity to meet delegates with wide experience in their field of study. I hope to meet and share knowledge and skills in the future once more.

Abdullah Obaid
Mr. Abdullah Tawfiq Obaid

Shaikh Shakhbout Medical City, UAE

I would like to thank you for inviting me and it was my pleasure. The organization of the conference was excellent. It was a really good experience to meet experts in the field from different countries.

Dr. Ana Cristina Beitia Kraemer Moraes
Dr. Ana Cristina Beitia Kraemer Moraes

Universidade Catolica de Pelotas – RS, Brazil

Thanks for the invitation, it was a great experience, and I got to know people from all over the world. This scientific search and knowledge was rich. My contribution to a better performance is that a one-day conference is much better because we can know more scientists and enjoy the conference and the place or country that we are visiting.

Vania Paula De Carvalho
Ms. Vania Paula De Carvalho

Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

I am Vania. I am a flying nurse in my country. Now I am attending this conference in Dubai. It was very important to my career and I am very happy to have attended the conference. I would like to congratulate your organization on Scientex Conferences and thank you so much for inviting us.

Amnah Mohammed Howthan
Ms. Amnah Mohammed Howthan

King Saud Medical City, Saudi Arabia

It was a very nice conference but we need more attendees next time. Thank you