Dr. Heltty Heltty

Universitas Mandala Waluya, Indonesia

Title: Ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) in the first 3 months after stroke


The ability to carry out daily activities is a very important outcome indicator for post-stroke patients. Assessment of the patient's ability to perform daily activities is necessary. The purpose of this study was to reveal the results of assessing the ability of post-stroke patients to carry out activities of daily living. The method used in this research is a longitudinal study. This method is used to observe the ability of post-stroke patients to perform daily activities in the first three months after stroke. In total there were 122 post-stroke patients who were observed. The selection of the sample was carried out using the simple random sampling method. Measurement of the ability to carry out daily activities using the bathel index instrument. Measurements were carried out 2 times. The first measurement was taken on the fifth day after the stroke and the second measurement on the third month after the stroke. This measurement was done through a patient's home visit. The measurement items measured are adjusted to the measurement items contained in the Barthel Index instrument, namely feeding, bathing, grooming, dressing, bowel control, bladder control, toileting, chair transfer, ambulation and stair climbing. The measurement results showed a significant increase in the first and second measurements. Assessment of the patient's ability to carry out daily activities after a stroke can be used to understand the patient's needs, including rehabilitation needs, motivational needs, so that it can be a reference in determining nursing care for post-stroke patients.


Heltty Heltty has completed her PhD from Indonesia University, Indonesia. She is the head of medical surgical nursing department of Mandala Waluya University, Indonesia. She has few publications that have been cited, and her publication h-index is 3. She has been serving as an editorial board member of reputed journals. She has attended several trainings, short courses from various world-famous universities, both national and international.