Dr. Mariana Miranda dos Anjos

Paulista University – UNIP, Brazil

Title: Nursing care for women in climacteric: promotion of self-esteem and self care through Orem's theory


Nursing is important to help women in the climacteric in promotion of self-care and self-esteem. The main aim of this study is to report that through Orem’s theory it is plausible to detail the importance of nursing in promoting self-care and self-esteem for women in the stage. The applied methodology was established through bibliographical Portuguese research, using review articles in databases such as: Scielo, BVS e Brazilian Laws, from 2012 to 2022. As the improvements in life expectancy have also propelled the increase in the older population, there is a remarkable rise of women in senility, being destined to experience the aging process and experience the climacteric period. Many symptoms are brought from this new period, therefore, growing a necessity of selfcare. In this context, the Orem’s theory is used by nurses to guide and improve practices. Through technicalscientific skills is possible to assist women during their climacteric period conceiving the visibility of promoting self-esteem and self-care through their actions.


Mariana Miranda dos Anjos, a nursing student, attending an undergraduate course at the University of Sao Paulo UNIP