Dr. Nashi Alreshidi

Hail Health Cluster, KSA

Title: Assessment of the effectiveness of an educational program (Jahezon) on critical nursing care: A quasi-experimental study


Objective: Competent and trained nurses are essential for critical care preparedness. This study assesses the impact of an educational training program (Jahezon) on the participants critical care knowledge by comparing their pre- and post-knowledge outcomes. 

Methods: This study used a quasi-experimental one-group pre-test-post-test design to investigate 43 selected nurses from 16 hospitals who received 40 days of theoretical and practical training. The curriculum covered a comprehensive range of critical care nursing concepts and was divided into four phases. The instrument used to assess knowledge was a 50-item multiple-choice questionnaire, which was administered as a pre-test, post-test, and a 6-month follow-up test format. The data were analysed using SPSS v29.0. 

Results: The mean total scores were the highest in the reassessment (M = 9.87, SD = 2.34), followed by the post-test (M = 7.57, SD = 0.98) and the pre-test (M = 5.91, SD = 1.06), showing a statistically significant difference (F(2, 117) = 64.834, p < .001). From the pre-test to the post-test, 93% of the total scores improved. The only demographic factor that affected the test scores was gender, with female nurses scoring higher. 

Conclusions: The nurses knowledge improved significantly after their participation in the critical care training program, but more research is needed to determine their actual performance in caring for critically ill patients during a pandemic.


Nashi Al Reshidi, a SCFHS consultant in nursing and board member of the Saudi Nurses Association (SNA), has more than 20 years of experience in his profession and has worked his way up to the position of executive vice president for nursing of the Hail Health Cluster in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is a visionary leader and an advocate of innovation and transformation in the clinical nursing practice. Moreover, he is a member of the Command Control Centre-Hail Health Cluster. Salford University in Manchester, United Kingdom, conferred his doctorate in nursing in 2015. Through his research works, which predominantly discuss leadership, critical care, and nursing education, he has made contributions to the nursing profession. Additionally, he is a member if the Institutional Review Board (IRB) since 2020. His great interest for nursing leadership and professional advancement led to chair a number of initiatives and programs. He has been recognized and awarded by the ministry of health, Riyadh headquarters for his performance and contribution in adult critical care nursing and leadership initiative. Currently, under his leadership, the nursing executive administration has accredited nursing programs by the Saudi commission for health specialties.