Dr. Sofica Bistriceanu

Academic Medical Unit, Romania

Title: Determinants of brain haemorrhage in a vulnerable individual


Usually, older adults are registered with arterial hypertension; this disease, in evolution, determines structural and functional changes in the blood vessels. According to internal and external stimuli, fluctuant blood volume through the arteries and its composition influence the cell's function. Arterial hypertension and other cardiovascular disease risk factors make easily broken blood vessels under more pressure. Vehement debates imply verbal and nonverbal improper communication styles, which affect mainly the older adults' minds functioning through their energy and meaning. Altered brain control of bodily functions involves blood vessels malfunctioning and possibly breaking in a fragile area following a haemorrhage. Thoughts' energy influences blood vessels working; inappropriate beliefs and their energy can lead to disaster in vulnerable areas. Attentiveness for promoting best communication skills, moderate physical exercises according to individual clinical data, rational exposure to the sunlight, adequate quantities and quality of alcoholic beverage use, and drug treatment of other comorbidities are necessary for preventing a brain haemorrhage in a vulnerable individual. Educational programs hybrid model are required.


Sofica Bistriceanu studied in Romania at the ‘Gr. T. Popa’ Iasi University, and graduated as MD in 1984, research in family medicine, Maastricht University, 2000, Ph.D. in 2009, Iasi, at the same institution. She joined the European, American, Asian Primary Care Research Group, American Academy on Communication in Healthcare, APTR, IHI, NICHQ, EPCCS, EURACT, WONCA Meetings. She is the author of more than 80 research studies shared abroad and received awards for some of them. She is a member of Academy for Professionalism in Health Care, a member of The Journal of Patient Experience (JPX) Editorial Review Board, and an Associate Editor of PriMera Scientific Publication. Dr. Sofica Bistriceanu is the representative of the Academic Medical Unit located in NT, ROU. She is the author of seven volumes of poems published by Chronica Iasi Publishing House, and Time, Iasi Publishing House.