Mr. Felipe Gargantini Cardarelli

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: The present study reflects on the Permanent Education..


The present study reflects on the Permanent Education for the workers of the Health Companion Program for Persons with Disabilities (APD), established by the Municipal Health Department of São Paulo, part of the United Public Health System of Brazil. It aims to present and substantiate five strategic factors, surveyed in the period from 2010 to 2014: Territory, Target Audience, Workers, Institution and Supporter or Supervisor, identified as strategic through research on the theoretical bases and history of the Wheel of knowledge. This is a qualitative, exploratory, evaluative research, through a Case Study, which aimed to know and analyze the potential and limits of the Wheel of Knowledge device. 
Throughout this process, the group promoted 31 meetings and had 543 participations. At least one of the five strategic factors was addressed in each of the 31 meetings of the Group of Knowledge, basing its relevance: Target Audience: 19 (60%), Territory: 16 (52%), Institution: 12 (39%), Worker: 8 (26%) and Supporter: 6 (29%). And, as a result of this professional education device, the teams that participated had 32% more patients with favorable outcomes.
It is concluded that there is a need for actions in Permanent Education as a form of management, based on the effectiveness of the actions developed in the Wheel of Knowledge, through the participation of Workers in the meetings, seeking to change the profile of the teams’ daily practices.


Felipe Gargarntini Cardarelli is graduated in psychology, specializing in psychopathology, public health, educational processes for health professionals and digital teaching. Has completed his Masters at University of São Paulo in 2016.  He is a technical advisor for corporate education in the national health system in the southern region of São Paulo, Professor at the University of São Paulo, clinical psychologist and schizoanalyst. He has 25 publications.