Mrs. Athira T Devaraj

Samaritan College of Nursing, India

Title: Effect of a planned teaching programme (Ptp) on knowledge regarding identification and management of cardiac arrhythmias among staff nurses working in a selected hospital at Kerala


Cardiac arrhythmias are cardiac rhythm disorders that comprise an important epidemiological and public health problem.
Objectives: The objectives of the study were to evaluate the effect of a Planned Teaching Programme on knowledge regarding identification and management of Cardiac Arrhythmias among staff nurses and find the association between the pretest knowledge level regarding identification and management of Cardiac Arrhythmias among staff nurses and the selected sociodemographic variables.

Methodology: A quantitative research approach was used with quasi experimental design (one group pretest posttest design). The sample consists of 40 staff nurses, selected conveniently. Data were collected using the tools - socio-demographic data and structured knowledge questionnaire. Pretest was conducted on day 1. Planned Teaching Programme was given for 45 minutes on the same day. Posttest was conducted on day 14.

Results: The paired ‘t’ test showed that the calculated ‘t’ value (12.37) was greater than the table ‘t’ value (3.55) which was significant at P < 0.001. There was significant association between the sociodemographic variable - area of working and the pretest knowledge level of staff nurses.

Conclusion: Planned Teaching Programme is highly effective in improving the knowledge of staff nurses regarding identification and management of cardiac arrhythmias.

Key words: Cardiac Arrhythmias, Knowledge, Planned Teaching Programme


Mrs. Athira T. Devaraj is a nurse by profession. She has completed her graduation from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India and Post Graduation from Kerala University of Health Sciences, Kerala, India. 

Mrs. Athira was the University first rank holder in M.Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing (Critical Care Nursing) for the year 2019. She worked as an Assistant lecturer at Laxmi Memorial college of Nursing, Karnataka, India & as Lecturer at Samaritan College of Nursing, Kerala, India. She has published two articles in International Journal of Nursing Education & International Journal of Advanced Research in Nursing.

She has got 4.5 years of experience in Teaching. Currently she is working as Registered Nurse at Village Green Care Home, Bedford, United Kingdom.