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Vania Paula de Carvalho

Ms. Vania Paula de Carvalho

Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Title: The importance of touch for the mother-child binomial during Air transportation: experience report


Introduction: Air transport was carried out from the city of Capelinha, Minas Gerais to Belo Horizonte - Brazil, as the hospital of origin did not have a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and its resources were very limited.   The newborn had a poor prognosis and the mother had never touched her child, but the transport team were unaware of this information. 

Objective: To emphasize the importance of touch for the mother-child binomial.

Methodology: The research is descriptive, with a qualitative approach and data collection took place through the experience of the air transport team, on Dec 2014. Ethical aspects were respected, obeying the norms and guidelines of Resolution 466/12 of the National Health Council - Ministry of Health. Being approved by the Ethics and Research Committee of Unimed Aeromedica – Opinion nº 04/2016. 

Results: Male neonate, two days old, weighing 3,200g, was transported. Apgar 2/9, being intubated, unresponsive, with isochoric and dilated pupils. Initial diagnosis of severe fetal distress and severe hypoxia. During cruising altitude (18,000 feet) the health team noticed that the simple-minded mother was blank stare and very sad. We asked if she had touched her son at some point and the mother replied: “-No. Wow, can I?” We placed the mother in the seat next to the incubator, opened the doors and she was caressing her baby throughout the flight. Promoting a very important moment for the binomial and for the health team. 

Conclusion: Regardless of the severity of the newborn, it is extremely important to value the mother-child binomial, because despite all the technological resources available: "absolutely nothing replaces the mother's tenderness and affectionate touch.".


Master by the center for health promotion and prevention of violence and peace at the faculty of medicine of UFMG-MG. Specialist in intensive care and aerospace nursing. Degree in aerospace nursing. Professor and coordinator of the specialization course in aerospace nursing at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais. Researcher at the SAUVI Group - Health and Traffic Violence at UFMG. Nursing coordinator unimed aeromedica and master in physiology and pharmacology from the faculty of medicine of the federal university of minas gerais. Fellowship in intensive care by the free University of Brussels; specialist in aerospace medicine from the University of Chile. Professor at the faculty of medical sciences of Minas Gerais. Medical manager at Unimed Aeromedica.